19 November 2011

Learning FOREX, with reads this book "Bless My PIPS" Let's get DOLLAR "$".

Usually these books begin with the author stating how she or he got into the currency market. They might recount an anecdote of their
college years, when they made XXX amount of dollars on a chance trade. Other authors use these first sentences to describe how awesome and immense the currency market is. I’m not going to follow suit.
I’d like to begin this book by offering you flattering compliments. Think of it as an added incentive to keep you reading. That said, did you lose weight, Champ? It’s a very good look. And I must say that I love what you did to the place, you’re an artist.
There you have it; you just received a good dose of compliments and the general “voice” of this book. You picked this book up because you want to learn about the forex market and how to trade successfully on the forex markets. To a first-time trader, this can sound like a daunting task. Reader, fear not. I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about the forex markets and will do so in a manner that’s friendly, fun, soothing, and very easy to comprehend.
There’s a lot of information in this book but I know you’ll be able to fly through it and understand everything completely. If at any point you find that there’s something that’s unclear, please visit our website at www.fxclub.com to find your answer. And if your answer isn’t there, you can send your question to info@fxclub.com and Forex Club’s expert customer service team will be sure to give you an answer.
It’s important for you to realize that even professional forex traders make losses from time to time. All biases aside, I want you to view every trade you make, every price movement you watch, and every emotion you feel – good or bad – as a learning experience. As a novice to the market, you are a clump of clay; formless, colorless and with no direction as to what you will become. Every step forward that you take in your learning process will mold you into something better than you were.
When you are happy with a trade that you made, bless your pips, and learn how to duplicate that trade. When you’re upset with a trade that you made, move through it, and learn from your mistake.
So, sit down someplace nice, make yourself cozy, and pour yourself a nice drink. Let’s learn about forex.
Download this book here.

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